Puppudums and Chutney

    $3.00 GST
    Herbal Tea – Pure Chamomile

    $4.00 GST
    Cream Caramel

    Custard Dessert with a layer of Soft Caramel on Top.

    $8.50 GST
    Fried Ice Cream

    eep fried ice cream coated with coconut and cookie crumbs.

    $10.50 GST
    Beachwood Brut Cuvee New Southvale Australia

    Subtle citrus & pear with toffee sweetness finishing clean & dry

    $8.00$30.00 GST
    Mr Smith Reserve Shiraz 2013 McLaren Vale

    Ripe red fruit upfront, dark chocolate lingers with gentle integrated French oak

    $60.00 GST
    Jumbuck Cabernet Sauvignon 2015 Coonawarra SA

    Ripe dark cherry, blackcurrant full bodied, black olive notes a touch of cedar, long finish

    $9.00$32.00 GST
    Frenchmans Cap Pinot Noir 2015 Coal River Valley TAS

    Sugar plum,ripe raspberry, chocolate with hints of spicy oak

    $9.00$42.00 GST
    T’Gallant Foundation Moscato: Victoria

    This still yet lively Moscato with ripe musk and tropical notes and the perfect touch of sweetness is vibrant, approachable and simply delicious.

    $8.00$30.00 GST
    Miritu Bay Sauvignon Blanc 2016 (Marlborough New Zealand)

    Aromatic Lemon and white peach, classic fruit characters,lively acidity, long finish.

    $8.00$30.00 GST
    St Anne’s sauvignon blanc 2016(Moama NSW)

    Vibrant varietal Sauvignon blanc is enriched with passion fruit and kiwi fruit aromas to drink with Seafood and Fresh salads.

    $8.00$30.00 GST
    Mr Smith Chardonnay 2015 Tumbarumba NSW

    Tropical stone fruit, subtle toasty oak with creamy buttery texture

    $49.00 GST
    St Anne’s Merlot 2015 (Moama NSW)

    Enjoy Lifted aromas of plums, cherries, blackcurrants and dried herb complemented by hints of vanillin French Oak that linger on the finish.

    $8.00$30.00 GST
    Onion Bhaji

    Spicy onion fritters, deep fried.

    $7.00 GST
    Vegie Pakora

    Flourettes of mixed vegetables & spinach, deep fried.

    $7.50 GST
    Paneer Pakora(4Pcs)

    Cottage cheese marinated with chick pea flour and deep fried.

    $8.00 GST
    Samosa (2 Pcs)

    Home made pastry filled with spicy potatoes and green peas.

    $7.50 GST
    Tandoori Mushroom (4 Pcs)

    Marinated in exotic Indian spices and char grilled.

    $10.50 GST
    Seekh Kebab (2 Pcs)

    Minced lamb with ginger & garlic, rolled on skewer cooked in clay oven.

    $11.90 GST
    Bombay Mushroom

    Mushroom stuffed with lamb mince, cheese and deep fried.

    $11.90 GST
    Tandoori Chicken

    Spring chicken marinated in yoghurt.

    $13.90$23.90 GST
    Paneer Tikka

    Chunks of paneer marinated in spices and grilled in a tandoor.

    $12.90 GST
    Chicken Tikka (4 Pcs)

    Free range chicken fillet marinated in spices cooked clay oven.

    $13.90 GST
    Garlic Chicken Tikka

    Tandoori kebab marinated with fresh garlic and spices.

    $13.90 GST
    Malai Tikka (4 Pcs) (Mild)

    Breast chicken pieces marinated with chick-pea flour and egg yolk and herbs and cooked in tandoor.

    $15.90 GST
    Tandoori Lamb Cutlets (4 Pcs)

    Juicy lamb cutlet marinated in rum and spices.

    $18.90 GST
    Amristari Fish

    Mouth watering fried fish (Rockling Fillets) lightly spiced and served with chutney.

    $18.00 GST
    Shavan’S Mix Grill

    It's an assortment of sizzling tandoori specialities.

    $25.90 GST
    Butter Chicken

    Old time favourite & popular dish. Char grilled fillet chicken harmonious blend of tomatoes, enrich with cream.

    $17.90 GST
    Chicken Chickpea Masala

    Chicken curry mixed with chickpea and garnished with coriander.

    $17.90 GST
    Chicken Dilwala

    Chicken cooked with tomato gravy & cashew nuts and garnished with corriander.

    $18.90 GST
    Chicken Vindaloo

    Chicken cooked in unique hot and sour recipe.

    $17.50 GST
    Chicken Tikka Masala

    Char grilled fillet chick cooked with fresh tomato and onion and garnished with spring onion.

    $17.90 GST
    Kadai Chicken

    Chicken cooked with tomato gravy and coriander seeds and served in Kadai.

    $17.90 GST
    Hydrabadi Chicken Curry

    Breast chicken pieces cooked with chef's own recipy.

    $18.90 GST
    Chicken Lababdar

    Chargrilled chicken cooked with cheese and egg and spices and finished with cream.

    $17.90 GST
    Chicken Korma

    For mild taste buds, chicken cooked with cream and cashew nut sauce and spring onions.

    $17.90 GST
    Shavans Special Chicken

    Chicken cooked with cashew sauce, tomato sauce and chef's suttle spices and finished with fresh coriander.

    $18.90 GST
    Kadai Lamb

    Diced lean lamb tossed with onion and capsicum and finished with corriander and served in Kadai.

    $17.90 GST
    Khumbani Lamb

    Lean lamb cooked with mushroom and onion based sauce and garnished with ginger and corriander.

    $17.90 GST
    Lamb Bhoona

    Lean lamb cooked with coriander seeds and chef's own recipe.

    $17.90 GST
    Lamb Korma

    Deliciously mild lamb, cooked in yoghurt based gravy, and finished with cashew nut.

    $17.90 GST
    Lamb Rara

    Diced lamb cooked with onion, tomato and lamb mince and spices.

    $17.90 GST
    Lamb Saag

    Lamb cooked with fresh spinach, herbs & spices finished with cream.

    $18.90 GST
    Lamb Vindaloo

    Lamb cooked in unique hot and sour recipe.

    $17.90 GST
    Rogan Josh

    Authentic lamb curry.

    $17.90 GST
    Beef Bablihandi

    Beef cooked with mixed vegetables and spices and garnished with corriander.

    $16.90 GST
    Beef Curry

    Authentic beef curry.

    $16.90 GST
    Beef Malabari

    Beef cooked with diced onion, capsicum,desiccated coconut in a tomato based gravy.

    $16.90 GST
    Beef Vindaloo

    Beef cooked in unique hot and sour recipe.

    $16.90 GST
    Chilli Beef

    Lean beef, pan fried with onion, tomatoes and capsicum and finished with chilli sauce.

    $16.90 GST
    Kadai Beef

    Lean beef cooked with capsicum and spices served in Kadai.

    $16.90 GST
    Kashmiri Beef

    Chef's own recipe. Cooked in cashew & onion gravy.

    $17.90 GST
    Fish Madras

    Fish cooked with diced coconut and South Indian spices (Medium or Hot).

    $18.90 GST
    Fish Masala

    Authentic Fish curry cooked with tomato and spices.

    $18.90 GST
    Fish Malabari

    Atlantic salmon cooked with typical South Indian Kerala spices with a touch of tamarind.

    $23.00 GST
    Kerala Fish Curry

    Fish prepared with coconut cream, and south Indian spices and cooked in slow fire.

    $18.90 GST
    Prawn Jalfrezi

    Prawns cooked with onions, tomato, spring onion and garnished with corriander.

    $22.90 GST
    Coconut Prawn Curry

    Fresh prawns cooked with five spices, and served in mouthwatering coconut gravy.

    $22.90 GST
    Jhinga Khada Masala

    Stir fried prawns cooked with cardamom and tomato gravy.

    $22.90 GST
    Tandoori Salmon

    Salmon pieces marinated in yoghurt and tandoori spices, cooked to perfection and served with homemade cottage cheese.

    $23.90 GST
    Aloo Gobi

    Potatoes and cauliflower, stir fried with spices and finished with fresh tomato.

    $12.90 GST
    Aloo Palak

    Potato cooked with spinach puree & spices.

    $13.90 GST
    Chickpea Masala

    Chickpea cooked with onion and capsicum and spices, garnished with spring onion.

    $13.90 GST
    Daal Makhani

    Black lentils and kidney beans slowly simmered with fine herbs finished with butter cream.

    $11.90 GST
    Egg Plant Masala

    Egg plant and potatoes cooked with ginger, fennel & fenugreek..

    $12.90 GST
    Kadai Paneer

    Cottage cheese cooked with kadai sauce.

    $13.90 GST
    Malai Kofta

    Potato and cheese balls, mixed dry fruits & nuts. Simmered in almond flavoured sauce.

    $13.90 GST
    Mushroom Masala

    Mushrooms cooked with onion gravy, tomato and potato.

    $13.90 GST
    Navratna Korma

    Mild, seasonal vegetable curry.

    $13.90 GST
    Palak Paneer

    Fried home made cottage cheese with fresh spinach puree, finished with fresh cream.

    $13.90 GST
    Paneer Butter Masala

    Home made cottage cheese cooked with butter sauce and finished with cream.

    $13.90 GST
    Pumpkin Masala

    Diced Pumpkin tempered with onion, fennel seeds / fenugreek seeds and finished with chef's own sauce (simply delicious).

    $13.90 GST
    Vegetable Jalfrezi

    Seasonal fresh vegetables cooked with spices.

    $12.90 GST
    Biryani ( Chicken, Lamb)

    Rice cooked to perfection with your choice, Garnished with crispy onion.

    $12.90 GST
    Coconut Rice

    Rice cooked with shredded coconut.

    $7.50 GST
    Kashmiri Pulao

    Basmati rice mixed with fruits & Nuts.

    $7.50 GST
    Lemon Rice

    Rice cooked with curry leaf & mustard seed and flavoured with lemon.

    $7.50 GST
    Basmati Rice

    Flavoured white rice.

    $4.00$4.50 GST
    Vegetable Pulao

    Rice cooked with vegetables to perfection.

    $8.90 GST
    Kashmiri Naan

    Bread stuffed with fruits and nuts.

    $6.50 GST
    Keema Cheese Naan

    Bread stuffed with minced lamb, cheese and spiced herbs.

    $6.50 GST
    Keema Naan

    Bread stuffed with minced lamb and spiced herbs.

    $6.00 GST

    Leavened white flour bread.

    $3.00 GST
    Peshawari Naan

    Bread stuffed with chicken, dry fruits and coconut.

    $6.50 GST
    Garlic Naan

    Plain flour tandoori bread flavoured with garlic.

    $3.50 GST
    Chilli Cheese Naan

    White flour bread stuffed with cheese, chilli & corriander (tasty).

    $6.50 GST
    Cheese Naan

    White flour bread stuffed with cheese & corriander (tasty).

    $6.50 GST
    Masala Kulcha

    Bread stuffed with spiced potatoes, cottage cheese and fine herbs.

    $5.50 GST

    Enriched whole wheat bread with butter.

    $3.50 GST

    Whole wheat bread.

    $3.00 GST
    Aloo Paratha

    Wholemeal bread stuffed with potatoes and fine herbs.

    $5.50 GST

    Spicy Indian salad.

    $6.00 GST
    Chicken Tikka Salad

    Chicken tikka in fresh salad.

    $8.90 GST
    Chickpea Chat Salad

    Chickpeas mixed with onion and tomato and lemon juice and finished with coriander.

    $7.90 GST
    Garden Salad

    Refreshing and wholesome green salad.

    $6.00 GST
    Mango Chutney Or Mixed Pickle

    $2.50 GST

    Home made yoghurt with grated cucumber and garnished with ground cummin.

    $3.50 GST
    Assorted Ice Cream

    $7.00 GST
    Banana Split

    Splitted banana topped with assorted Ice Cream topped with Strawberry coulis and nuts.

    $8.00 GST